Ethan Justus rEED

Ethan was born on September 24, 2013. His favorite food is (depending on the day) either macaroni and cheese or french fries (although we do try to sneak some fruits and veggies in!). He loves doing anything outside, balls of all sorts, play guns and swords. He loves Thailand and all his new friends. He's become an expert at ordering fried rice in Thai already.

Selah Grace Reed

Selah's birthday is April 11, 2015. She's already a huge fan of the Thai dessert, sticky rice and mango. Her current obsession is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and reading "Are You My Mother?"

Ryder James Reed

Ryder was born on December 15, 2016. We moved to Thailand when he was almost six weeks old. He smiles at everyone he meets and puts up with all of our shenanigans.