The RV is packed and ready to go. We are so excited to begin our new chapter of life. We are beginning our journey to the mission field of Thailand. This journey has led us onto the road of deputation. Over the next year, we will be travelling around this country sharing our burden for Thailand and what we believe the Lord is going to do there. We are asking Christians to pray for us and help us with the financial support needed to get to the country of Thailand. We have one goal, and that is to tell people how they can know forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We are excited and humbled at being called missionaries. I have always thought of missionaries as true heroes of the faith that have seen God do amazing works. Some of the best Christians I know are missionaries. I definitely don’t measure up to them. But I have learned that the Lord can use ordinary people like me-men who are not perfect, but men who are truly relying upon His power to work through them. I have complete trust that if the Lord leads us to Thailand, He will give us the strength to learn the Thai language and empower us to see lives changed through His Word. Please pray for us while we prepare to go!


Chris and Becca Reed are missionaries sent out from Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA to the country of Thailand. They are currently in the deputation process and look forward to moving to Tha...

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